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  • Join our Board | Chaffee Housing Authority

    JOIN OUR BOARD Please complete this Google Form application to apply to join the CHA board. CHAFFEE HOUSING AUTHORITY BOARD OF DIRECTOR JOB DESCRIPTION AND EXPECTATIONS (ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 21, 2023) General Statement of Duties: The Board of Directors’ responsibilities include active involvement as an advocate for the Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) and affordable housing opportunities in general, participation in Board Development training opportunities, and providing governing direction and oversight of the activities conducted by CHA. Board members meet every month to provide governing direction and oversight to the Executive Director of the CHA; review progress on the CHA Strategic Plan; review, analyze, and approve financial records; review, evaluate, and make recommendations on housing policies, programs, and development opportunities; advocate for funding to support affordable housing developments in Chaffee County; advocate for affordable housing opportunities and programs in general; provide direction and oversight to CHA ED; and assist with additional opportunities as they may arise. Essential Functions: The following are essential functions of the Board of Directors, but not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities or qualifications. As volunteers, the Board of Directors will need the ability to discern and perform other duties as requested and as program design and changes dictate. Performs duties as follows: Understand and adhere to the contents of the Intergovernmental Agreement that created the CHA and the Bylaws governing its operation; Understand and adhere to the contents of the Intergovernmental Funding Agreement that established funding for the CHA through 2023; Understand and adhere to the CHA Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion Policy ; Oversee the financial affairs of the Organization; Hire and oversee the performance of the CHA Executive Director, including an annual written and/or oral performance review; Review, contribute to, and adopt/update a Strategic Plan annually, including Values, Mission, and Vision; Approve and monitor the operating budget of the CHA; Review, contribute to, and adopt a yearly Annual Report; Direct CHA per adopted policy and procedures; Enthusiastically promote programs and projects of the CHA; Maintain confidentiality and apply discretion to when, how, and to whom person al information is shared regarding clients and/or projects in accordance with the CHA Conflicts of Interest Memorandum; Dependably perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors or CHA Executive Director; Work on one or more individual standing committees, as selected. Required Knowledge, Skill, and Ability: Individuals interested in serving on the CHA must meet the following minimum qualifications: Must be at least 18 years of age; Must be a full-time resident of Chaffee County; 3. Must have effective communication skills, both in person and in writing. 4. Must have a passion for affordable housing and serving the community. CHA Board Member Expectations I understand that as a member of the Board of Directors of CHA, I have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that the organization does the best work possible in pursuit of its goals. I believe in the purpose and the mission of the organization, and I will act responsibly and prudently as its steward. As part of my responsibilities as a board member: ​ 1. I will interpret the organization's work and values to the community, represent the organization, and act as a spokesperson. Specifically, if I am an elected official appointed to represent the jurisdiction to which I am elected, I will act as a conduit of information from the CHA Board to my elected governing body. ​ 2. In turn, I will interpret our constituencies' needs and values to the organization, speak out for their interests, and on their behalf, hold the organization accountable. ​ 3. I will connect with the external community to promote the organization's mission, values and programs (for example, through recruiting new board members, volunteers and donors, and expanding the organization's network of supporters). ​ 4. I will adhere to the following responsibilities and minimum standards: Must always represent CHA in a favorable manner, including in the public arena, and if speaking on behalf of the CHA at any public meeting, must always coordinate efforts with the CHA ED to assure a consistent and aligned message. Must commit to spending a minimum of 10 hours per month to the organization outside of regular board meetings. Must serve on at least one CHA standing committee (and serve on Ad Hoc committees as requested by the CHA Executive Director or the Board Chair). Must attend at least 75% of all CHA board meetings, special meetings, committee meetings, trainings, retreats and special events. Must completely and thoroughly read all material in the BOD meeting packet and come to all BOD meetings fully prepared to discuss and vote on action items and discussion items. Must ask questions to the CHA ED and or Board Chair if you have any questions before the meeting. Must maintain appropriate behavior at all BOD meetings and participate in discussion. Must maintain positive working relationships with other board members and CHA staff. Must exhibit a high level of tolerance and self-control for a wide range of human emotion, behavior, and background, treating all people with fairness, respect, and dignity, and work effectively with widely diverse groups. Must maintain phone and email communication with CHA Executive Director and CHA Board Chair; Commit to using proper channels for communication including work phones and work emails, and respect staff personal time when communicating. Must recognize potential conflicts of interests and disclose appropriately. Must be able to maintain confidential information. Must bring any issues that may arise to the attention of the CHA ED and Board Chair. Must notify the CHA ED and Board Chair via email if you are unable to attend any CHA meetings and, if appropriate, copy your Alternate Board Director and authorize them to vote on your behalf. 5. I will actively participate in one or more fundraising activities. ​ 6. I will recuse myself from discussions and votes where I have a conflict of interest. ​ 7. I will stay informed about what's going on in the organization. I will ask questions and request information. I will participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies, and other matters. I will not stay silent if I have questions or concerns. ​ 8. While I am a member of this board, I will make every effort to vote in every public election. ​ 9. I will work in good faith with staff and other board members as partners toward achievement of our goals. ​ 10. If I don't fulfill these commitments and responsibilities to the organization, I understand the Board Chair will call me to discuss and attempt to remedy. If the situation cannot be resolved, the Chair will bring the matter to the full board for resolution, which may result in my removal from the CHA Board. The organization is responsible to the Board members for... 1. I will be sent, without having to request them, quarterly financial reports and an update of organizational activities that allow me to meet the "prudent person" standards of the law. (The "prudent person rule," applied in many legal settings in slightly differing language, states that an individual must act with the same judgment and care as, in similar circumstances, a prudent person would act.) ​ 2. Opportunities will be offered to me to discuss with the Executive Director and the Board Chair the organization's programs, goals, activities, and status; additionally, I can request such opportunities. ​ 3. The organization will help me perform my duties by keeping me informed about issues in the industry and field in which we are working and by offering me opportunities for professional development as a board member. ​ 4. Board members and staff will respond in a straightforward fashion to questions that I feel are necessary to carry out my fiscal, legal, and moral responsibilities to this organization. Board members and staff will work in good faith with me toward achievement of our goals. ​ 5. If the organization does not fulfill its commitments to me, I can call on the board chair and executive director to discuss the organization's responsibilities to me.

  • Landlords | Chaffee Housing Authority

    RECURSOS PARA PROPIETARIOS Hay muchos problemas con los que los propietarios deben lidiar más allá de asegurarse de que la plomería funcione. ​ Los problemas comunes incluyen: ​ Mi inquilino necesita ayuda con el alquiler. ​ Mi inquilino quiere usar un cupones de vivienda. ​ Necesito asesoramiento legal sobre un problema de inquilinos. Ley de Vivienda Justa Ley de Arrendadores e Inquilinos de Colorado Programa de energía/climatización de NWCOG SHORT TERM RENTALS - STR Chaffee County is in the midst of a housing crisis, wherein many people employed by Chaffee County employers are unable to find secure housing, often times finding themselves living “doubled up” with another household, living in an RV or car, or residing in motels/hotels. This includes our medical staff, education staff, emergency responders, and service industry workforce, among many others. If you have a home in Chaffee County, we encourage you to rent long-term to local households to help keep our economy operating effectively. If you’d like to learn more about the Housing Needs in our community, you can find the most recent data assessment here: Every jurisdiction in Chaffee County has its own Short Term Rental policies and licensing requirements; the Chaffee Housing Authority has no oversight of STR’s. For more information, please see the links below. City of Salida Guidelines ​ Town of Buena Vista Guidelines ​ Town of Poncha Springs Guidelines ​ Unincorporated Chaffee County Guidelines ​

  • Our Plan | Chaffee Housing Authority

    NECESIDADES DE VIVIENDA There are no job postings at this time.

  • We Are Chaffee | Chaffee Housing Authority

    We Are Chaffee busca unir voces diversas para reconocer nuestras similitudes y comprender nuestras diferencias honestas. ​ Nuestra misión es construir una comunidad más resistente a través del poder del intercambio de historias y el compromiso. ​ ¿Por qué Historias? ​ We Are Chaffee se esfuerza por recopilar, resaltar y preservar las historias de los miembros de la comunidad del condado de Chaffee. Cuando tomamos tiempo para escuchar la historia de alguien, podemos comenzar a comprender cómo todos estamos conectados y cómo podemos extender la empatía y la conexión entre nosotros. ​ Visítenos en PROYECTOS STORIES OF HOUSING PODCASTS Miki Hodge and Becky Gray, on lessons from the Rainbow Family, confetti joy and bringing Jane's Place to life. LISTEN HERE ... (Publication Date: 11.01.22) ​ Alexandra Restrepo, on childhood with a drug-addicted mother, the enduring love of her father, and fighting for her biggest dream LISTEN HERE... (Publication Date: 8.23.22) ​ ​ ​ Andrea Carlstrom, Director of Public Health & Environment & Becky Gray, Director of Chaffee Housing Authority talk about Public Health & Housing with Ken Matthew s on KHEN Radio LISTEN HERE... (Publication Date: 7.26.22) ​ VIDEO STORYTELLING By sharing our stories intentionally, and listening intently, we can identify the similarities between us and understand a bit better the impact that our collective policy decisions have on one another. Sharing stories can empower individuals who have historically been silent, due to perceived positions of power. The following stories were recorded through the Housing+ Health program to help educate the community about our neighbors struggling with housing insecurities. All Videos Reproducir video Reproducir video 04:10 Paula Berg - A search for Home A storyteller reminisces about her childhood housing conditions, as she supports her family in Chaffee County, Colorado. Reproducir video Reproducir video 04:04 John ONeal - On the trail to find shelter A storyteller's version of the long road to find and create shelters for others throughout his life. Reproducir video Reproducir video 03:29 Araya Rodrigues-Searching for Housing A high schooler's attempt of finding safe and secure housing in Chaffee County during her senior year. Reproducir video Reproducir video 03:28 Deb Bass O'Brien Making a Home in Salida Deb shares her story as she moves to Salida, Colorado and sets roots in the community. Fortunately, she purchased a home years ago, as she would not be able to afford to purchase a home now with current real estate prices. Reproducir video Reproducir video 03:22 Michele Williams - Life is a Team Effort Michele, a born leader, and counselor, always looking for ways to help others, finds herself in a position where she must rely on others for help. Although challenging, she reaches out to others to help her get back on her feet. Reproducir video Reproducir video 03:55 Megan Juba - Finding Home Megan shares her struggle with the question "where are you from?" Having lived in many apartments, rooms, and homes throughout her life, she struggles with the answer. However, one constant for her during this time is the comfort and love of her mother.

  • House Party | Chaffee Housing Authority

    FIESTA CHICA Únase a nosotros el 22 de septiembre en el recinto ferial del condado de Chaffee para... The Chaffee Housing Authority held its first House Party providing a free, fun, educational, and interactive event to the public and housing partners. The goal of this event was many-fold: Celebrate the accomplishments and efforts of all the housing and community organizations to date Provide context and Housing Needs Assessment data to illustrate the crisis of lack of affordable housing in Chaffee County Garner community input for two Housing Authority strategies— community budgeting and tenant selection criteria. We sought community feedback on how community members would prioritize future Housing Authority financial resources. Participants were presented with a hypothetical housing budget of 2 million, and four designated bucket areas to allocate funds. Participants were then asked to take 15 minutes to wander the room and “gather information,” seeking out conversations with housing experts and partners around housing needs and challenges. Once everybody was brought back together, we presented the four bucket areas individually and asked participants to designate a percentage of that budget to each, based on what they learned. Those results, compared to current recommendations, are presented below: The second question involved the current Rental Tenant Selection Criteria established in our 2022 Community Guidelines and used for affordable, or deed-restricted housing units. Due to the limited supply of rental housing and the significant demand for such, the CHA has adopted a weighted point system for prioritizing applicant households within the CHA waiting list. These criteria are widely discussed and disputed among groups and community members and we have committed to reviewing and amending selection criteria, if necessary, on an annual basis. For a more in-depth look at the survey, please view the Power Point House Party Presentation with Data Slides. We also had a lot of fun engaging with community members, meeting new friends and sharing ideas on housing topics. A huge Thank You to everyone that participated! And if you missed - we will see you at the next House Party! Thank you to our sponsors:

  • Our Plan | Chaffee Housing Authority

    CARGO DE DIRECTOR EJECUTIVO COMUNICADO DE PRENSA BUSCANDO DIRECTOR EJECUTIVO Contacto: Craig Nielson Correo electrónico: PARA PUBLICACIÓN INMEDIATA Autoridad de Vivienda de Chaffee busca director ejecutivo Salida, Colorado, 16 de enero de 2023. La Junta Directiva de la Autoridad de Vivienda de Chaffee está comenzando a contratar a un Director Ejecutivo que será responsable de ejecutar el plan estratégico de la organización, supervisar el personal y los programas existentes y hacer avanzar a la organización a través de sus próximas fases de crecimiento. La Autoridad de Vivienda de Chaffee, una entidad gubernamental formada en 2020, opera bajo un plan estratégico que se enfoca en la operación organizacional, la defensa, la estabilidad de la vivienda y el desarrollo de la vivienda. La organización fue formada por jurisdicciones del condado de Chaffee, la ciudad de Salida y la ciudad de Buena Vista para abordar la crisis de vivienda local. Su personal de cinco, tres de los cuales son financiados por subvenciones, operan un Programa de garantía de depósito de alquiler y el programa Salida Open Doors RV; facilitar una continuidad de la atención; producir la iniciativa narrativa We Are Chaffee; abogar por la asequibilidad de la vivienda en las conversaciones locales y estatales sobre el uso de la tierra, el desarrollo y la financiación; ayudar a los residentes con una serie de asuntos relacionados con la vivienda; y administrar el desarrollo de Jane's Place, un proyecto de viviendas de alquiler de diecisiete unidades en Salida. La directora saliente, Becky Gray, se retira después de servir en el condado de Chaffee durante cuatro años y medio. “Estoy muy orgulloso de los éxitos que Chaffee Housing Authority ha logrado hasta ahora. El personal, la Junta Directiva y los partidarios de la comunidad han sido parte integral del cumplimiento de muchas de las recomendaciones contenidas en la Evaluación de Necesidades de Vivienda de 2016, incluido el establecimiento de una autoridad de vivienda multijurisdiccional”. Gray señala la programación y la defensa actuales, el desarrollo de Jane's Place y la coordinación de un Continuum of Care local como hitos para la organización. El puesto es empleado por el gobierno del condado, es un trabajo exento de tiempo completo y asalariado con los beneficios correspondientes. Los candidatos interesados ​​en el puesto de director pueden encontrar la descripción completa del trabajo y las instrucciones sobre cómo postularse en El lunes 13 de febrero comenzará una revisión de la primera ronda de solicitantes. Para postularse, los solicitantes deben enviar un CV y ​​una carta de presentación al presidente de la junta, Craig Nielson, a EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR POSITION PRESS RELEASE SEEKING EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CHAFFEE HOUSING AUTHORITY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR POSITION DESCRIPTION COMPENSATION: $75,000 to $125,000 annually, contingent upon 2023 CHA budget and applicant qualifications. Benefits include medical, dental, vision and life insurance, disability, retirement plan, paid leave and holidays. FLSA Status: This is an exempt position. POSITION SUMMARY: The Director of the Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) is responsible for leading a regional approach to addressing Chaffee County’s housing shortage across the housing continuum. The CHA is a relatively new start-up organization, established in October of 2020, that builds on a regional commitment to establish the local organizational capacity necessary to address workforce and lower-income housing needs. The CHA Executive Director is responsible for executing the strategic plan under the oversight of a nine-member Board of Directors. Chaffee County is a fast-growing, newly-designated Rural Resort community that offers endless outdoor recreation opportunities and a rich arts and culture scene with a high quality of life in a friendly and small town atmosphere. The area offers high-quality schools, services and infrastructure. The CHA is looking for candidates interested in making a long-term commitment to further execute the CHA’s Strategic Plan, advocate for development within the CHA’s member jurisdictions, and meet the needs outlined in the 2022 Housing Needs Assessment (HNA). CORE COMPETENCIES: Demonstrated leadership in public administration Demonstrated leadership in the formation and/or execution of affordable housing policy, programs, and developments Entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving and authentic community engagement Understanding of the Social Determinants of Health Understanding of “small town” or “rural resort” values, priorities, and experience Demonstrated success in securing funding to support housing projects and/or programs Considerable experience in grant-writing and administration Ability to collaborate and maintain effective working relationships with community-based organizations, elected officials, technical experts, and other stakeholders Knowledge of and/or experience with facilitating community planning processes Expert knowledge of affordable housing policy and financing Experience working for or leading a housing program or organization Experience with organizational revenues diversification and long-range financial planning and fiscal management Practical knowledge of land use code and policy, including inclusionary housing policies Practical knowledge of Deed Restriction administration and oversight Practical knowledge of the development process ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following duty statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the position and do not include other non-essential or marginal duties that may be required. The CHA Board of Directors reserves the right to modify or change the duties or essential functions of this position at any time. INTERNAL OPERATIONS: With the Board of Directors, establishes and updates strategic goals and plans to manage the work and expectations of the CHA Works with the various CHA committees to coordinate activity on a monthly basis Responsible for the fiscal management and monthly reporting to the CHA Finance Committee of revenues and expenditures Directs development, implementation, and management of housing-related direct-service programs, in alignment with goals of the CHA strategic plan and HNA Provides oversight and performance evaluation of CHA staff, including Deputy Director, Housing Navigator, Grant Evaluator, and additional staff and contractors Continues to build a library of affordable housing best practices NETWORKING AND COLLABORATION: Works with local partner jurisdictions and agencies, including elected officials and municipal department directors to coordinate activities Establishes contacts and works with local, regional, statewide, and federal housing resources including, but not limited to, CHFA, Colorado Department of Local Affairs Division of Housing and Office of Homeless Initiatives, Colorado Department of Human Services, Upper Arkansas Council of Local Governments, USDA, Federal Home Loan Bank and HUD Maintains active membership in the Colorado Mountain Housing Coalition and Housing Colorado. Conducts community engagement activities to develop an understanding of affordable housing issues in the community; contacts and communicates with businesses and private and public sector agencies to coordinate and assist in meeting community needs; performs speaking engagements, develops media responses and press releases with the CHA Community Engagement Committee. Assists member jurisdictions analyzing and adapting land use codes, building codes, and public policy to support the execution of the strategic plan efforts AFFORDABLE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT: Oversees CHA development activity and acquisition opportunities, including ownership structure, financing, assembling the development team and project/construction management Recruits development partners (developers, builders, and operators) for supportive housing Advises private developers on a range of options for achieving affordability in a private public partnership model including funding and compliance Pairs developers/builders with partners and other resources to further affordable housing Develops and oversees Deed Restriction (DR) programs and properties Oversees special limited partnerships for tax abatement and partial ownership AFFORDABLE HOUSING ADVOCACY: Serves as an advocate for affordable housing efforts within the member jurisdictions, the mountain region, the state, and the federal level Advocates on the state and federal level for proposed legislation supporting affordable housing Engages with municipalities to identify potential and existing incentives/ assistance/ streamlining for developing affordable housing within higher density areas of the jurisdiction Initiates an outreach program with builders/developers, making them aware of incentives to include affordable housing within their development plans Assists county and municipalities in working with current owners of affordable housing to ensure that their properties are safe and secure for tenants Proactively provides advice and assistance to proposed affordable housing developments Serves as a central repository/distribution center for information regarding housing EDUCATION AND EXPERIEN CE: (Minimum education and experience) Bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university Six or more years of progressively responsible experience, including leadership, with a minimum of three years of experience in the development of public-sector affordable housing; or, Six or more years of experience in public administration Any combination of education, training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job Certificates or licenses: Valid Driver’s License with satisfactory driving record. SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Proficient at reading and comprehending written materials Highly developed writing and oral communication skills Employs time management and organizational skills to manage deadlines and projects and various other assignments Above average skills working with other people taking into consideration their needs, their personal styles and the requirements of their jobs or interests Working knowledge of pertinent data sources, including the US Census Bureau, the State of Colorado Demographer, Colorado Realtors, Kids Count, etc. Highly developed aptitude for the use of computers and other digital tools to complete the various requirements of the job whether routine or project oriented Familiarity with GIS systems for mapping affordable housing properties and projects is helpful REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: This position reports to the Chaffee Housing Authority’s Board of Directors. The position has supervisory/management responsibilities to CHA staff. ​ PHYSICAL DEMANDS EQUIPMENT USED: Automobile, computers, mobile devices, telephones, copies, fax machines and other related office equipment. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Ability to conduct activities involving extensive sitting. 2. Ability to grasp and manipulate office equipment, hand tools, and similar other tools and materials. 3. Ability to conduct activities involving stooping, kneeling/bending, crouching, twisting, and reaching on a moderate basis. 4. Ability to participate in routine conversation in person or via telephone, and distinguish telephone, printers, computers and other auditory tones. 5. Ability to distinguish small objects at near and far distances in conditions of bright or low light. Ability to distinguish depth, and see objects in a wide field of vision. WORKING CONDITIONS: The majority of this position's duties are performed within an indoor or a protected environment. The incumbent may be exposed to noise, mechanical and electrical, and other related hazards associated with an office environment. Occasional visits to outdoor locations, with related possible exposure to weather and associated hazards, are likely. Occasional in-county and regional travel is necessary. This is an exempt leadership role with responsibilities that will require flexibility in hours to meet demands, including evening and weekend work on occasion.

  • I Need Housing | Chaffee Housing Authority

    CONTINUO DE CUIDADO A Continuum of Care is (CoC) es un enfoque colaborativo que ayuda a las comunidades a planificar y proporcionar una gama completa de servicios de apoyo y vivienda de emergencia, transitorios y permanentes para abordar las diversas necesidades de las personas que tienen una vivienda insegura. El Continuum of Care del Balance of State (BoS) de Colorado está organizado en 10 grupos de planificación regional, de los cuales el condado de Chaffee, junto con los condados de Fremont, Custer, Lake, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Park y Teller, constituyen el grupo Upper Arkansas Valley. ​ El Continuum of Care (CoC) del condado de Chaffee se creó en 2022, reuniendo a organizaciones comunitarias de todo el condado que atienden a miembros de la comunidad tanto sin hogar como con vivienda insegura. Estas organizaciones van desde proporcionar servicios de salud mental conductual y para veteranos, hasta operar un refugio de emergencia de invierno para hombres y mujeres, hasta empoderar a las personas afectadas por la violencia doméstica. Coordinados por el nuevo Navegador de Vivienda de CHA, estos grupos ahora se reúnen dos veces al mes para trabajar en colaboración para lograr el objetivo principal de "vivienda primero, y luego acceso a otros servicios y recursos necesarios para miembros de la comunidad con inseguridad de vivienda".

  • I Need Housing | Chaffee Housing Authority

    RECURSOS PARA PROPIETARIOS Hay muchos problemas con los que los propietarios deben lidiar más allá de asegurarse de que la plomería funcione. ​ Los problemas comunes incluyen: ​ Mi inquilino necesita ayuda con el alquiler. ​ Mi inquilino quiere usar un cupones de vivienda. ​ Necesito asesoramiento legal sobre un problema de inquilinos. Ley de Vivienda Justa Ley de Arrendadores e Inquilinos de Colorado Programa de energía/climatización de NWCOG

  • Our Plan | Chaffee Housing Authority

    NUESTRO PLAN Ninguna organización sola puede resolver la crisis local de vivienda. Nos tomará a todos enfrentarlo de frente: el gobierno, el sector privado, los grupos comunitarios y los individuos. Pero creemos que se puede hacer. Creemos que hay cuatro pasos que pueden proporcionar un camino que la comunidad de Chaffee pueda seguir para asegurarse de que todos nuestros trabajadores locales, familias y personas mayores tengan un lugar seguro y asequible al que llamen hogar. Nuestro plan estratégico está alineado con este camino. Estas son las cuatro cosas que debemos hacer como comunidad, y las formas específicas en que la CHA está preparada para ayudar. ​ Vea el plan estratégico de CHA 2022-2026 aquí . O descargar el plan estratégico en pdf. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ PLAN DE CUATRO PUNTOS PARA ABORDAR LA CRISIS DE VIVIENDA DE CHAFFEE 1 Cambiar las políticas gubernamentales para que las viviendas asequibles sean más alcanzables para los inquilinos y propietarios de vivienda. Objetivo de política y abogacía de CHA: Representar las necesidades de vivienda de los residentes del condado de Chaffee - es decir, hogares de bajos ingresos, hogares de ingresos moderados y personas empleadas por empleadores en el condado de Chaffee - en debates de políticas y estrategias a nivel federal, estatal y local. CHA se centrará en la equidad y la justicia al construir coaliciones de vivienda. Construir significativamente más unidades de vivienda - especialmente alquileres - para satisfacer las necesidades de los trabajadores locales, personas mayores y familias. La meta de desarrollo de vivienda de CHA: Contribuir a la construcción de unidades de vivienda permanentemente asequibles en el condado de Chaffee a través de alianzas público-privadas. 2 Establecer y apoyar programas locales - asistencia de alquiler, prevención de personas sin hogar y reubicación rápida - para miembros de la comunidad que enfrentan inseguridades de vivienda. Meta del programa de estabilidad de vivienda de CHA: Establecer, operar o promover programas locales que brinden estabilidad de vivienda a los residentes del condado de Chaffee. 3 4 Construir una organización sostenible con el mandato, la experiencia y el financiamiento para abordar temas de vivienda asequible. Meta de desarrollo organizacional de CHA: Operar la organización con el mayor profesionalismo, responsabilidad financiera y transparencia.

  • Carbonate Street | Chaffee Housing Authority

    Because of its proximity to downtown Buena Vista, the development will be within walking distance of downtown, schools, the Arkansas River, and the South Main neighborhood. As a result, it will help solve for both parking and transportation issues in addition to providing some much needed housing to our workforce. ​ Additionally, the town of Buena Vista will be donating land in exchange for the developer building out the core and shell of a 4600 square foot childcare space. Given the pressing need for more childcare facilities, this will be very beneficial to our community. ​ None of this would be possible without the support of a great community partner in Fading West Development. They opened a 110,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility locally in November, 2021. Their location in Chaffee County ideally positions them to provide cost effective, high quality modular homes to communities across the state. ​ Fading West’s approach also plays a critical role in allowing us to provide housing that our workforce can afford! Modular manufacturing reduces cost up to 20% versus a stick built approach. In addition, this strategy can reduce the timeline to build by more than 50%. We are really excited by this in that anything we can do to accelerate our process gets us one step closer to addressing our housing crisis. ​ CHA entered into a special limited partnership with Fading West in July 2023. As CHA does not pay property or sales tax, the special limited partnership enables Fading West to also avoid paying taxes which helps keep rents at Midland Apartments affordable for the workforce. ​ CHA has a Special Limited Partnership Policy. This policy creates a framework, criteria, and process for how CHA will enter into special limited partnerships. It is designed for the purpose of assisting developers that wish to construct and own affordable rental housing units. ​ CHA is excited to enter into future special limited partnerships with other developers who wish to construct units that meet the needs identified in the 2022 CHA Housing Needs Assessment. These tax exemptions represent meaningful cost savings to a developer and can help a project achieve its affordability objectives. ​ The Midland Apartments will serve as a template for future projects. We need to tap into every community resource we have in order to continue making progress on the housing front. The CHA is committed to continuing to bring innovative strategies to help solve for this critically important issue. EL LUGAR DE JANE CHA has partnered with Fading West Development to bring a meaningful workforce housing development to the county. This agreement will serve as a blueprint for other successful public private partnerships between CHA and other developers. ​ The project known as Midland Apartments is located on Carbonate Street in Buena Vista. The development includes 30 studios, 24 one-bedroom units, and six two-bedroom units. All 60 units will be deed restricted at area median incomes ranging from 80%-120%. ​ ​

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    CONTACTAR CONTÁCTENOS Primer nombre Apellido Correo electrónico Mensaje Enviar Click here to download CONSULTAS Para cualquier consulta, duda o comentarios, favor llamar al: 719-530-2590 o llenar el siguiente formulario CHA - Edificio Touber 448 E 1st Street Salida, CO 81201 Teléfono: 719-530-2590

  • Our Plan | Chaffee Housing Authority

    NECESIDADES DE VIVIENDA Esta instantánea de las necesidades de vivienda en el condado de Chaffee, Colorado, se preparó como una actualización de la Evaluación y estrategia de necesidades de vivienda del condado de Chaffee, que se completó en el verano de 2016. Tiene la intención de apoyar y guiar el tiempo, el esfuerzo y la financiación futuros destinados a la producción de viviendas para trabajadores. ​ Los datos presentados subrayan la amplitud y la intensidad del problema de la vivienda en todo el condado de Chaffee. La falta de viviendas disponibles y asequibles para la fuerza laboral local está afectando negativamente la economía local y la capacidad de las personas para vivir y trabajar en la comunidad. La coordinación y colaboración entre la Autoridad de Vivienda de Chaffee, el condado de Chaffee, la ciudad de Salida, el pueblo de Buena Vista, el pueblo de Poncha Springs, los empleadores, las organizaciones sin fines de lucro, los desarrolladores/constructores y los residentes ya está en marcha. Este estudio proporciona datos actualizados sobre la cantidad, la ubicación, la tenencia, el número de habitaciones y el precio de las viviendas necesarias para que los residentes y empleados locales prosperen. ​ Además, consulte nuestro Plan Estratégico para conocer las formas en que estamos planeando abordar estos problemas. RENTAL UNITS OWNERSHIP UNITS

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