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Purpose of Community Guidelines

The Chaffee Housing Authority has established these Community Guidelines for CHA Facilitated affordable housing programs, which document the eligibility criteria for occupancy of affordable housing units located in Chaffee County, Colorado.

These Guidelines were created with input from the Chaffee County Community and will be reviewed by the Director of Housing at least yearly, and amended if necessary.

These Guidelines are intended to establish policies and procedures for the following:

• Tenant Eligibility Criteria

• Verification and recertification of Eligibility

• Procedures to apply for CHA facilitated affordable housing

It is the intent of these Guidelines to provide policies and procedures for the oversight and accountability of tenant selection and eligibility for affordable housing units, whether publicly or privately owned, which have been deed restricted, are associated with a Land Use Restriction Agreement, or are otherwise required to maintain affordability.

The Community Guidelines are in the process of being translated into Spanish. We will post these as soon as they are completed. Thank you for your patience.

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