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The City of Salida’s Open Doors Program connects interested Salida-area employees with short term rental property owners to secure long term housing for the workforce. The CHA acts as a liaison between tenants seeking housing and property owners that have units to rent.


Interested Salida-area employees can apply to the Open Doors Program. CHA maintains a waitlist and will match prospective tenant applications to available landlords. Please apply here:

CHA Tenant Application.

Property owners are required to rent their housing units for a minimum of six months. Monetary incentives will be paid by the City of Salida to the property owners at the end of the leases, based on the length of the lease and the number of bedrooms per unit. If you are a property owner wanting to enroll your property in the Open Doors Program, please apply here: Open Doors Property Owner Application

The CHA will be responsible to:     

  • Manage and operate the Open Doors Program. Property Management is the responsibility of the property owner.

  • Has the ability to serve as master lessee in long-term rental lease agreements.     

  • Determine and manage eligibility and qualification of the workforce tenants in accordance with the Eligibility Guidelines.     

  • Determine eligibility of property owner host homes.    

  • Negotiate rent levels for the units with the property owners.   

  • Ensure payment to the property owners for the per-term incentive paid to the owner at the end of the lease.

The City of Salida will be responsible to:     

  • Fund the program by paying CHA up to $140,000, as invoiced for incentive payments to the program hosts.     

  • Submit $100,000 to CHA that will be used as a rental guarantee.

The Chaffee Housing Authority has established Community Guidelines for CHA Facilitated affordable housing programs, which document the eligibility criteria for occupancy of affordable housing units. Please view the Community Guidelines here.

Please contact with any further questions.

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