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Rental Deposit Guarantee Program

Any renter who needs help getting into a new rental and has a good bill-paying history. This program assists prospective tenants to get into housing by allowing them to pay their rental deposit over the term of the lease. You can access the Rental Deposit Guarantee Program Application here

Try to apply 2-4 weeks before your move in date. Coming up with first, last and deposit all at once is not easy. We guarantee that the deposit will be paid to the landlord before the term of the lease is up and the tenant makes payments on the loan for the deposit over time.


Home Share Program

Chaffee County Home Share is a program to safely and comprehensively match home seekers with individuals who have extra room in their home. Each compatible match is unique and based on the interests, needs, and lifestyles of the individuals involved. More information and provider and seeker applications can be found at


Section 8 Housing Vouchers 

People with very low incomes and/or homeless can apply. This program provides eligible participants with rental subsidies that pay the difference between 30%-50% of the participant’s income and the rental amount. There is currently no Section 8 Housing in Chaffee County, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. Without applicants and demonstrated need, there never will be any Section 8 Housing. Please make an appointment to fill out the application.  Expect 30-60 minutes. The program is operated by the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments based in Canon City.  More information and an application can be found by contacting (719) 530-2590 or  or go directly to the UAAGOG. (719) 269-7687


Income Restricted multi-family housing options

The following apartment complexes in Chaffee County are considered affordable.  Contact each of them directly to apply.

Collegiate Commons, Buena Vista: 719-966-5334

Sunrise Manor, Buena Vista: 719-395-2862

DeAnza Vista, Poncha Springs: 719-431-0371

Riverbend Apartments, Salida: 719-539-1950

Salida Apartments, Salida: 719- 539-2444 (Age 55 and over)

Mt. Shavano Manor, Salida: 719-539-6243 (Age 55 and over)

Salida Ridge Apartments, Salida: 719-467-6884


Veteran Services

This program is designed to assist Veterans and their households by either preventing homelessness or rapidly re-housing them if they are already experiencing homelessness.  Additional supportive services are also offered.  Contact Carolyn Moreno at 303-434-2307, or


Mortgage Payment Assistance due to COVID

Tenants, Landlords and Homeowners impacted by COVID and needing assistance with rental arrears should contact:  (844)926-6632 or (303)202-6340


Salida Apartments

1 & 2 Bedroom apartments, The Magpie, BlueJay Apartments & The 505:


Salida RV Park


Many area landlords advertise their rental options on the following Facebook Groups.  These options are at the landlord’s discretion and tend to be” market rate” rather than “affordable.”


 If you are an employee in Chaffee and need help with rent or a safe place to park.


 Energy Assistance Program: Assists with weatherization of homes, manages the Colorado Affordable Residential Energy (CARE) Program and Emergency Assistance.

LEAP Energy Assistance

Department of Human Services can assist with the primary source of heating costs to income eligible residents.  Applications available Nov.1 - April 30 at the DHS office Salida - 448 E. 1st Street, Room 166 (Touber Building) - (719)530-2500 and Buena Vista - 114 Linderman Avenue (across from Library) (719)395-0344

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