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Board Chair, Buena Vista

I bring over 20 years of construction, community development, organizational development, and project management skills to CHA. Born and raised in Chaffee County, so this place is my home in the deepest sense of the word and I am committed to doing everything I can to make it a better place to live for everyone. Currently, I work as Planning Director for the Town of Buena Vista and live in town here with my wife Ashley and two kids.

My favorite place in Chaffee is an old fire access road off of Cottonwood pass - I love hiking there with my family and pups.

Salty Riggs - Headshot.jpeg
Vice Chair, Salida

I'm Salty, and my mission is to champion affordable housing within our community. As the President of BETCH, I've dedicated myself to ensuring that the workforce has a strong voice in the conversations surrounding housing decisions that directly affect their lives.


I believe that housing is a human right, and my advocacy centers around turning this belief into a reality. I've been a vocal advocate for zoning reform, shedding light on the existing system's biases that favor wealthier landowners over the working class. The growing income disparity in our community over the last few years serves as a stark reminder of the urgency for change.


My approach has always involved challenging the status quo. I am recognized for bringing a much-needed dose of reality to community conversations, and I've earned respect for the effort I put into doing research. Core principles drive my work – unity and agency. I'm deeply committed to giving the workforce the power to shape their own destinies and regain agency over their lives.


My favorite place in Chaffee County is Hecla Junction. It’s always sunny at Hecla.

Eric Warner headshot.png
Treasurer, At Large

As a Native who has spent most of my life on the Front Range, I've had a front row seat to the trebling of Colorado's population in my lifetime and the host of challenges that has growth has brought to our state. My wife and I decided to establish residency in Salida in 2018, and in just that short time the housing unaffordability problem has become dire in Chaffee County. I'm excited to work with the executive director and board of the CHA to apply both tried and true as well as innovative solutions to solve the greatest problem our county currently faces. As a successful entrepreneur and executive in the beverage manufacturing and retail space (primarily craft beer) I believe my contributions to the CHA board will be unique and complementary. I have a strong track record working with teams to develop strategic plans and implement the key initiatives that support them, scale newly formed companies and maximize outcomes with limited resources. I have deep experience writing, reviewing and being a party to hundreds of leases, contracts and other legal documents, leading commercial construction projects and managing budgets under constantly changing conditions. I believe my extensive experience in the aforementioned areas will be helpful as the CHA navigates its next phase of growth.


I'm extremely lucky to live on the Arkansas River so my house is right up there among my favorite places in the county. I love F Street and Monarch Mountain too!

Angela Mokate - Headshot.JPG
Secretary, Chaffee County

I first came to Chaffee County in 2008 to work as a raft guide on the Arkansas River. I fell in love with the mountains and whitewater of Colorado and kept returning every summer. I met my husband Chris, a fellow guide and after building a supportive community we decided to make Colorado our home.


Together we built a residential

real estate inspection company that focuses on pre-purchasing inspections that he continues to run today. My “can do” attitude, creativity and ambition while working alongside buyers and agents during the inspection process motivated me to get my real estate license and transition into a Realtor in

Chaffee County.

Being a Realtor for Full Circle Real Estate Group has given me a magnified view of

the challenges facing our community regarding affordable housing. I have also had the opportunity to work with Colorado Association of Realtors being one of thirteen Realtors from around Colorado chosen to attend their leadership academy including

realtor day at the capital, Denver’s economic summits as well as Realtor property forums to address property rights and speak with state legislators about the housing crisis in Colorado. I am excited to help represent my community of the seasonal workforce, service workers, small business owners, independent contractors, and

everyone else who has experienced hardships due to the housing shortage.


My favorite place in Chaffee County is and will always be Browns Canyon and theNumbers sections of the Arkansas River. It was what first brought me to the valleyand continues to play a big role in my life and community here.


I have served as the Mayor of Buena Vista since 2022 and was a Buena Vista Board of Trustee for four years before that. I have encouraged the development of affordable housing by approving the donation of Town-owned land for the Midland Apartments and child care facility, and through facilitating  and supporting public/private partnerships such as The Crossing and Alpine West. 


I spent my working career as a CPA in Denver.  In addition to work and volunteer activities, I enjoy hiking, travel, having a great partner, walking my dog Chaco, biking, laughing, and having wonderful friends. My favorite place in Chaffee County is the James Street Bridge over Cottonwood Creek.


I have more than 23 years’ experience in management in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. For seven years I provided direct mental health/substance abuse treatment services and housing services for the homeless population in Aurora, Colorado. I was on the board to end homelessness in Colorado for the Governors' offices for 5 years. I not only provided direct services to families but also provided clinical oversight for families and individuals that struggled with our housing options daily. My main focus has been high risk families and adolescents, the most common topic is lack of affordable housing in our community. What better way to support the families I serve than to help impact the problem in a positive way through community collaboration and support.

My favorite place in Chaffee County is outdoors with my family. I love to spend time with my family and we live in this great place so we enjoy it, mountain biking, fishing, skiing, etc.

Eric Photo 9 8 22 (1).jpg

Currently, I am the Executive Director of Full Circle Restorative Justice. My passion for inspiring and uplifting others was sparked by my own challenges growing up in Detroit, Michigan. The unique trials and tribulations of urban life and witnessing the impact of those experiences by others in my community planted the seed of service that would eventually lead to my life’s calling. In search of a higher path, I spent much of my young adult life in the hospitality industry. Prompted by moving to Colorado in 1989, I quickly began to build upon my  leadership skills and as a self-taught chef opened three restaurants in Boulder County. 


Looking to be of greater service to my community, I began volunteering for several youth-based initiatives, including Project Yes and Lafayette Youth Sports. Soon after, I  began my life coaching practice. After transitioning out of restaurants, I focused my  on my coaching practice, specializing in health and wellness with a focus on fitness, nutrition, and stress management. 


Along the way, I have published three books: “Adam’s Eve – A Novel,” “Sweeping Her Off Her Feet with Food” (a romantic cookbook), and “29 Degrees – How to Live a Life of Inner Peace, Joy, and Purpose Regardless of Circumstances.” 


I love family life with my wife Trudi and my three children, Erica, Forrest, and Justin, as well as my stepson Brock. I also enjoy working out and playing outside, including mountain biking, hiking, off-roading, bow- hunting, and camping. Most recently, I come to you from Longmont, Colorado, where I have been serving my community as a Restorative Justice Facilitator with the Conflict Center in Denver. I was also an integral part of the Professional Standards-Citizens Review Panel for the Police Division in Longmont. I bring a wealth of dynamic leadership experience from a multitude of fields and am a passionate advocate and activist for criminal justice reform.

Dan Shore - Headshot.jpg


When I ran for city council back in 2017 my primary motivation was to focus on our housing issues.

In my capacity as mayor for the past two years I have continued to pursue that initiative. Prior to becoming a public official I spent approximately 30 years as a business development officer for primarily mutual fund companies. That career afforded me many opportunities to work with people with opposing viewpoints. I believe that skillset is directly transferable to serving on the housing authority board.

craig head shot three.JPG
Chaffee County

As a twenty-year plus resident of Salida and Chaffee County, I'm excited to join the talented and diverse CHA team to address the critical housing needs facing our communities. Starting in the early 1990's I had a 20-year career in regional planning, community development and affordable housing and have founded two successful housing non-profit organizations. Since 2005 I have owned and operated Green Edge Design, a green building architectural design studio focusing on sustainable housing.  

It's hard to name just one favorite place.


My favorite mountains in the county are the "Ute Peaks" (Mount Ouray, Chipeta Mountain, and Phalone Peak), named in honor of family members of the Ute Tribe, the valleys' original inhabitants. As a rock climber, my favorite places to climb are the crags around the tunnels on CR 371. That area and the amazing backcountry of Browns Canyon National Monument, where the high desert meets the alpine, are also high on the list.

Chris Ledger - Headshot.jpg
Alternate, At Large

I moved to Chaffee County in 2013 to be a whitewater rafting guide on the Arkansas River. I soon fell in love with the valley with all of its amazing recreation opportunities. I then spent the next several years moving from seasonal job to seasonal job but always ended up finding myself back here in Chaffee County.


Finally in 2020 my wife and I decided to get out of the seasonal circuit and started a Home Inspection business which I currently operate. While doing Home Inspections I have had a unique view of who are buying homes in Chaffee County and it was surprising to me that current residents buying homes were few and far between. This was one of the main reasons that I decided to join the CHA, as I want to be a part of the process that will make housing more attainable for the people who live and work in this amazing valley.


My Favorite place in Chaffee County is the Arkansas River, where you can find me, my wife, and our dog enjoying the best whitewater in the state.

Christy Doon.jpg
Alternate, Salida

I am currently the Interim Administrator for the City of Salida. Previous roles with Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) have included serving as the South Central Colorado Regional Manager and working on Rural Economic and Community Development.


I am also on the faculties of the University of Colorado and Adams State University.
Additionally, I serve on the Chaffee County Community Foundation Board (CCCF) and chair CCCF’s Nonprofit Capacity Committee.


I have lived in Salida for 10 years. My husband, daughter and I enjoy all activities the area has to offer, including skiing, getting out on to the river and exploring the public lands that

surround us.

Alternate, Buena Vista

I was recently provided the opportunity to take the position of Town Administrator for the Town of Buena Vista after serving as the Town Administrator/Treasurer for the Town of Poncha Springs over the last 7+ years.


I have also served on numerous other boards in Chaffee County over the years; including, Monarch Community Outreach, Chaffee County Visitor’s Bureau, Chaffee County Transportation Advisory Board, Chaffee County E-911 Authority Board, San Luis Valley Transportation Planning Region, and the Chaffee Rec Council.


Having lived here for almost 10 years, my favorite place in Chaffee County is still finding a new road on the map and exploring an area I haven’t been to.

Alternate, Chaffee County

I bring varied leadership experience from my professional background in the nonprofit sector, education, nature-based youth programming, and communications.


I have a Bachelors in Molecular Biology and Masters in Nonprofit Management and currently work as Chaffee County Government’s Deputy Director. I am passionate about stewardship and sustainability and building a more inclusive and diverse outdoor recreation culture and community.


My love for trail running, summit seeking, and all manner of backcountry adventuring also ties in well with her involvement with Chaffee County Search and Rescue-North.

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