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Executive Director

I want to help preserve the Chaffee County community the way it is due to the beauty of the mountain scenery and rich tapestry of diverse people and small businesses that are here. Before becoming the Executive Director, I served as a Board Member for a year and Chair of the Development Committee. I was a commercial real estate attorney for nearly a decade at a top national firm and later as a solo practitioner where I represented both affordable housing and private developers.


I also bring 11 years of experience working with marginalized populations as both a teacher in low-income communities and the founder and director of an alternative teacher preparation program for Teach For America - Colorado. Additionally, I have volunteered on five nonprofit boards, two HOA boards, and a founding charter school board.


My favorite place in Chaffee County is the back patio of our home in Buena Vista where my husband and I enjoy taking in the peaceful presence and amazing views of Mt. Princeton.

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Real Estate Projects Manager

I am grateful for CHA’s work and thrilled to help create more housing for Chaffee County residents, and to help more residents move-in to homes. Friends and family have struggled with chronic homelessness and benefitted from supportive housing and affordable housing.  


I am a first-time developer of inclusionary homeownership units in partnership with Chaffee Housing Trust.  I have an MBA from CU Boulder and am a Project Management Professional. I worked in start-ups and early stage business for 14 years and am comfortable wearing multiple hats to create impactful outcomes.  

While it’s impossible for me to choose one favorite spot in Chaffee County, I’ve been loving surfing Scout Wave 2.0 in the quieter low-water months, and also at higher water with heaps of elated surfing friends.  

Housing Programs Manager

After an up-ending year and a half of covid, I was looking for meaningful and fulfilling work that excercises my wide range of experience and skills. In my life, I've been both a homeowner and looked down the barrel of homelessness. I know the blessing and relief of home security and am grateful to have such impactful work.

Twenty years ago, I'd have said my favorite place is anywhere above treeline. Now that I'm in my 50's, my favorite place is anywhere I can see treeline . . . most often that place seems to be my front porch.

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Housing Navigator

I bring more than 15 years of experience having worked in various industries and roles  including Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Global Procurement/Supply Chain, Accounting, Business Services, Administration/Management  and Real Estate.


Affordable Housing has always been near and dear to my heart. I’ve volunteered my time and efforts on special projects with the CHA in previous years and it was an honor to be voted on to join the Chaffee Housing Authority as a Board Member. I was on the Strategic Planning Committee that updated the Strategic Plan for a streamlined 18-month approach and focused on our priority outcomes. Since then, I decided to step down from my Board Secretary role in order to take on a full-time position as Housing Navigator within the organization and will be spending my day-to-day directly impacting those priority outcomes, especially within our Programming initiatives. 


My favorite spot in Chaffee County so far has been sitting by the riverbanks, listening to the water rush by. I also love any place where I can catch one of those breathtaking sunsets that paint the vast mountain ranges.
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Affordable housing is a topic that I have been passionate about for years. When my husband and I opened Café Dawn in 2008, affordable housing was an issue that no one wanted to discuss. Over the years, we watched as homes that were affordable sold and turned into vacation rentals and 2 nd houses. As small business owners, we did the best we could to pay a wage that kept up with the soaring rental prices, but the diminished inventory of affordable homes made it difficult to find employee housing.


After retiring Café Dawn, I wanted to work in a field that I found rewarding. Bookkeeping for Chaffee

Housing Authority allows me to have a direct impact on an issue that I have felt strongly about for years.

Grants Contractor

My best work is when I help you do your best and most important work. I impose order where there is chaos, create processes, steer initiatives, weave stories with data. I am a great thought partner. I have had the extreme blessing to collaborate with and support the amazing staff of the Chaffee Housing Authority, as well so many community partners across Chaffee County in the last year and a half, and hope to continue to do so as they build innovative solutions to meet the affordable housing needs of our community.   


My favorite “thing” is to have two wheels under me and riding county roads, calling out to the alive things that keep this place natural and rural and beautiful: hello tail-flipping cows, hello puffy-headed alpacas, hello prairie dogs and goats and hawk.

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