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Chaffee Housing Authority's Special Limited Partnership Policy creates a framework, criteria, and process for how the Authority will enter into Special Limited Partnerships (SLPs) with public or private entities for the purpose of assisting developers that wish to construct and own affordable rental housing units that meet the needs identified in the most current Chaffee County Housing Needs Assessment.

CHA is committed to partnerships that provide abundant, attainable, inclusive, and sustainable housing that gives all residents of Chaffee County an opportunity to thrive. This Policy focuses on SLPs in a manner that is transparent, efficient, effective, and consistent. CHA will use this policy to evaluate proposals for its participation in affordable housing developments. By entering into an SLP, CHA will be able to assist developers with obtaining sales tax and property tax exemptions for the duration of CHA’s ownership in the project.


Under C.R.S. § 29-4-227, the portion of a project that is occupied by persons of low income and is owned by or leased to an entity: (I) that is wholly owned by a housing authority; (II) in which a housing authority has an ownership interest; or (III) in which an entity wholly owned by a housing authority has an ownership interest, is exempt from property tax, and during construction, is exempt from both sales and use tax, and it is the Developer's responsibility to actually obtain the tax exemptions. CHA cannot grant tax exemptions, and CHA cannot guarantee any tax exemptions.


You can download a copy of CHA's entire Special Limited Partnership Policy here.

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