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Thank you for an amazing House Party! 

The Chaffee Housing Authority held its first House Party providing a free, fun, educational, and interactive event to the public and housing partners.


The goal of this event was many-fold:

  • Celebrate the accomplishments and efforts of all the housing and community organizations to date

  • Provide context and Housing Needs Assessment data to illustrate the crisis of lack of affordable housing in Chaffee County

  • Garner community input for two Housing Authority strategies—community budgeting and tenant selection criteria.


We sought community feedback on how community members would prioritize future Housing Authority financial resources. Participants were presented with a hypothetical housing budget of 2 million, and four designated bucket areas to allocate funds. Participants were then asked to take 15 minutes to wander the room and “gather information,” seeking out conversations with housing experts and partners around housing needs and challenges. Once everybody was brought back together, we presented the four bucket areas individually and asked participants to designate a percentage of that budget to each, based on what they learned. Those results, compared to current recommendations, are presented below:


The second question involved the current Rental Tenant Selection Criteria established in our 2022 Community Guidelines and used for affordable, or deed-restricted housing units. Due to the limited supply of rental housing and the significant demand for such, the CHA has adopted a weighted point system for prioritizing applicant households within the CHA waiting list. These criteria are widely discussed and disputed among groups and community members and we have committed to reviewing and amending selection criteria, if necessary, on an annual basis.

For a more in-depth look at the survey, please view the
Power Point House Party Presentation with Data Slides.

We also had a lot of fun engaging with community members, meeting new friends and sharing ideas on housing topics. A huge Thank You to everyone that participated! And if you missed - we will see you at the next House Party!


Thank you to our sponsors:

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