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Housing Solutions Coalition - Alignment Statement

The Housing Solutions Coalition, inclusive of the organizations noted above, was formed as we all are in agreement that housing is the top issue facing Chaffee County and should be prioritized as such. We join together to elevate the message that the time is now to find housing solutions. We believe that we can make our community a place where all members can thrive by working together.

We also recognize that not all voices are being equally heard in the community engagement process for housing opportunities, for a variety of reasons. Some are working multiple jobs, others lack internet access at home, and yet others are caring for young ones, running a business, or face other barriers.


Local and county government regulations create the playing field for housing development. Those same methods can be used as tools to address our housing crisis. The Housing Solutions Coalition is seeking decisive action to support the development of housing. We support:

● Innovative approaches and sustainable funding streams to promote housing density and address the housing crisis in Chaffee County.

● Policies that support a public/private ecosystem that builds housing to meet the needs of our community and its subgroups (workforce, employers, etc.)

● Maximizing available resources, existing assets, and new tools to attain housing for all income ranges through good policy and sound practices.

● Housing development throughout the income range, including “market rate” development beyond the currently accepted “affordable” range of up to 120% of Local Area Median Income.

● Opportunities to provide local resident households the opportunity to build financial equity, establish stability, and pursue opportunities to create intergenerational wealth and a sustainable community.

● Code and process improvements to remove barriers and expedite development that aligns with the housing needs of our community.

The mission of the Housing Solutions Coalition is to provide a cohesive vision and voice to support projects and policies that address the housing crisis.

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