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This snapshot of the housing needs in Chaffee County, Colorado, was prepared as an update to the Chaffee County Housing Needs Assessment and Strategy completed in the summer of 2016. It is intended to support and guide future time, effort, and funding aimed at the production of workforce housing.

The data presented underscores the breadth and intensity of the housing problem across Chaffee County. The lack of housing that is available and affordable to the local workforce is adversely impacting the local economy and ability of individuals to live and work in the community. Coordination and collaboration between Chaffee Housing Authority, Chaffee County, City of Salida, Town of Buena Vista, Town of Poncha Springs, employers, non-profit organizations, developers/builders, and residents is already underway. This study provides updated data on the amount, location, tenure, bedroom count and price points of the housing needed for local residents and employees to thrive.

Also, refer to our Strategic Plan to learn about the ways that we are planning to address these issues.

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