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Chaffee County is in the midst of a housing crisis, wherein many people employed by Chaffee County employers are unable to find secure housing, often times finding themselves living “doubled up” with another household, living in an RV or car, or residing in motels/hotels. This includes our medical staff, education staff, emergency responders, and service industry workforce, among many others. If you have a home in Chaffee County, we encourage you to rent long-term to local households to help keep our economy operating effectively.  If you’d like to learn more about the Housing Needs in our community, you can find the most recent data assessment here:


Every jurisdiction in Chaffee County has its own Short Term Rental policies and licensing requirements; the Chaffee Housing Authority has no oversight of STR’s. For more information, please see the links below.


City of Salida Guidelines

Town of Buena Vista Guidelines

Town of Poncha Springs Guidelines

Unincorporated Chaffee County Guidelines

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