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The charts below represent the number of rental and ownership housing units in Salida and Buena Vista that are:

  • needed;

  • currently in pre-construction (pre-preliminary plat or have received their plat);

  • currently under construction; or

  • currently completed

"Needed" is defined as the recommendations that came out of the 2022 Housing Needs Assessment that quantifies the number of 1105 additional housing units needed through 2027 to house the local workforce, including both catch-up and keep-up need.

The charts will be updated quarterly to reflect changes in the development process.

There are units needed in Poncha Springs too, but they have not yet been able to participate in providing data to date.


Rental Units at _30% AMI.png
Rental Units at 60.1-80% AMI (2).png
Rental Units at 30.1-60% AMI (2).png
Rental Units at 80.1-100% AMI_2-9.png
Rental Units at 100.1-120% AMI.png
Rental Units at 120.1-140% AMI.png
Ownership Units at 60.1-80% AMI (10).png


Ownership Units at 100.1-120% AMI (3).png
Ownership Units at 80.1-100% AMI (3).png
Ownership Units at 120.1-140% AMI (3).png
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