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The Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) is an independent public organization, formed in October 2020 through a joint agreement between Chaffee County, the City of Salida, and the Town of Buena Vista.

The CHA’s work focuses solely on increasing access to affordable housing across the county.




Community leader partnering for inclusive and secure housing


A thriving community with housing for all 


Delivering housing units and stability through partner-driven development,

education and advocacy, and impactful programming


Leadership, Integrity, Stewardship, Community, Equity, Partnerships

Priority Outcomes 

By December 31, 2024: 

1. Development 

  • Add 75 deed-restricted, rental units (13.6% of the 2027 need identified in 2022 Housing Needs Assessment) by building Jane’s Place and leasing up Carbonate Street 

  • Secure formal, diverse developer partnerships proposing an additional 75 deed restricted, rental units to be built in the next three years 


2. Education, PR & Advocacy 

  • Improve CHA awareness and build trust in the community by implementing a marketing plan with consistent messaging and media presence 

  • Influence local policy and land use decisions through targeted advocacy work 


3. Programming 

  • Deepen the effectiveness of the Continuum of Care and Rental Deposit Guarantee program 

  • Implement strong tenant eligibility, deed restriction, rapid rehousing, and homeless outreach programs 

  • Lease up and manage Jane’s Place effectively 


4. Funding 

  • Create an aspirational budget (baseline, ideal, and best case) that includes assumptions for the time value of money as demonstrated in a 3-5 year outlook 

  • Secure a 10-year revenue stream of at least $1-2M annually by pursuing a comprehensive funding plan that could include: 

      ○ intergovernmental commitments 

      ○ real estate transactions 

      ○ a ballot initiative 

      ○ special limited partnership program 

      ○ fee for services 

      ○ endowment campaign 

      ○ jurisdiction impact fee 

      ○ property management fees 


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