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No one organization can solve the local housing crisis. Meeting it head-on will take all of us: government, the private sector, community groups, and individuals. But we believe it can be done.

We think there are four steps that can provide a roadmap the Chaffee community can rally around, to make sure all our local workers, families and seniors have a safe, affordable place to call home.

Our strategic plan is aligned to this roadmap. Here are the four things we need to do as a community – and the specific ways that the CHA is prepared to help. 

For more detailed information, please view the following documents:

  -Housing Needs Assessment & Production Goals

  -CHA Strategic Plan 2023-24

  -Revenue Allocation for 3.5 Mill ad valorem tax

House Construction



Change government policies to make affordable housing more attainable for renters and homeowners. CHA’s advocacy and policy goal: To represent the housing needs of Chaffee County residents – namely low-income households, moderate-income households, and people employed by Chaffee County employers – in policy and strategy discussions at the federal, state, and local levels.  CHA will focus on equity and justice when building housing coalitions.   

Build significantly more housing units – especially rentals – to meet the needs of local workers, seniors, and families. CHA’s housing development goal: To contribute to the construction of permanently affordable housing units in Chaffee County through public private partnerships.     


Establish and support local programs – rental assistance, homeless prevention, and rapid re-housing – for community members facing housing insecurities. CHA’s housing stability program goal: To establish, operate, or promote local programs that will provide housing stability to Chaffee County residents. 



Build a sustainable organization with the mandate, expertise, and financing to address affordable housing. CHA’s organizational development goal: To operate the organization with the utmost professionalism, financial responsibility, and transparency.

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