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Chaffee County is a special place built around an incredible landscape and close-knit community. Yet, our valley faces myriad challenges, and principal among these challenges is access to housing for the diverse and growing workforce, families and individuals in crisis, Americorps volunteers, and more who all strive to call this place home.


The Chaffee County Community Foundation (CCCF) together with the Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) propose an innovative and flexible housing project near the heart of downtown Salida at the intersection of 3rd & Highway 291 in Salida called Jane’s Place.

Night of the Nutcracker


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A grand thank you to everyone who participated in the Night of the Nutcracker. Not only was it a wonderful evening enjoying dance excerpts from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, but it was an amazing tribute to our dear friend Jane Whitmer.

Please enjoy a video created by 50 West Productions and intern Cooper Hodge.

What is Jane's Place?

Jane's Place is a legacy project honoring the vision of the late Jane Whitmer. This project will bring 17 housing units to the Salida community, designed to serve immediate local needs. Seasonal employees, new recruits to our workforce, families and individuals in crisis, & Americorps volunteers will be directly served through Jane's Place. In addition, the project will include a nonprofit incubator and social enterprise coffee shop.


Jane's Place project support with $350,000 Donation from

Chaffee County Department of Human Services


MEDIA RELEASE: February 10, 2022

The Chaffee County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and Department of Human Services (DHS) were recently able to make another positive financial impact for a priority project within the community, approving a donation of $350,000 to support Chaffee Housing Authority’s Jane’s Place project. 

The contribution is a special, one-time budget reallocation that will transfer funds from the DHS reserves to support construction of the adaptive housing project at the intersection of 3rd & Highway 291 in Salida. Jane’s Place will bring 17 apartments to the Salida community, designed to serve immediate local housing needs for seasonal employees, local workforce, families and individuals in crisis, and Americorps volunteers. In addition, the project will include a nonprofit shared working space and social enterprise coffee shop. 

DHS Director Dave Henson commented, “Housing continues to be an area of great need for the families and kids we serve through DHS. The creative model that is being implemented through Jane’s Place can help us provide housing stability for our clients and improve on-going access to other supportive services through this direct partnership with the Chaffee Housing Authority.”

The Department of Human Services and BOCC budgeted a total of $1 million for one-time local project support in 2022, leveraging the DHS fund balance reserve to support mission-aligned initiatives in the county. In addition to this funding provided to Jane’s Place, DHS supported a $500,000 contribution to the Boys and Girls Club of Chaffee County in December for its Buena Vista facility. The BOCC also continues to evaluate ways to support early childhood-related needs within the County and expects to apply the remaining balance of the one-time DHS allocation to this cause in the coming months.

Jan Schmidt, DHS’ Finance Manager, explained, “DHS is pleased to have the opportunity to support other local human services needs - including solutions like Jane’s Place - through use of our reserves. We consider these projects to be complementary to our core work and believe they will help deepen DHS’ positive impacts.”

Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) Director Becky Gray shared her appreciation, “This contribution to Jane’s Place demonstrates significant commitment and support for innovative affordable housing interventions like Jane’s Place. Our partnership with DHS continues to grow more collaborative, and I look forward to how these collaborations will play out at Jane’s Place.”

The Chaffee Housing Authority estimates that development costs for Jane’s Place will be approximately $4.55 million. With the Chaffee County contribution, CHA has secured nearly $2,645,000 in support to through grants, foundation support, donations and contribution from the City of Salida. The Jane’s Place Capital Campaign Committee reports that many local donors have contributed to the project, totaling more than $375,000 in community contributions.

Information & Public Forms

​-Project Overview Presentation

-Pledge Form

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Completed Pledge Forms or any questions about this project can be emailed to Becky Gray.

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